November 16th, 2009


Good-bye Kagrra, my love

it finally has come down to this.

i'm sorting out my Kagrra CDs & DVDs to see what to sell off. mostly their mainstream CDs, which could no longer hold my interest. the Indies ones I'm still keeping them. their music style then is so much captivating than now. they seem to lose their touch (or perhaps it's me whose taste has changed) i'm also gonna drop off all the club membership newsletters.

so yeah, if you'd like to reserve them, please let me know how much you'd like to offer before i place them up on eBay. i've yet to take any photos or descriptions. this is gonna take some time.

i'm putting up malice mizer's ma cherie CD for sale too.

need to raise money for my other expenditures like clothes, things to improve myself and excite my senses. :p i need some nicer clothes to wear xD wardrobe sucks at the moment. kekeke~ i shifted priorities a lot after i was baptised. i'm slowly letting go of material things in this world that hold me back (hoarders are not gooooood) and it's so much lighter emotionally. hey, the room's neater and less cluttered too. like i've dropped off a lot of baggage at the airport.

now i don't want to keep too many things. just some time back, i passed on the entire anime collection that i've amassed over the years to one of my friends. such as full metal alchemist, oh my! *hearts*

as much as i love them, it's time to clear. clear. clear.

on the same note, i've got the complete set of 'Harry Potter' (7) & 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' (12+1 biography) books. if anyone wants to buy them, i'm letting go at real cheap prices.


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