March 29th, 2009


Afraid, be very afraid

Whee! I finally took good riddance of the O2 phone. It has been fun but smsing on it drives me crazy. Bought a new HP - Sony Ericsson C902 yesterday. And a little paint came off today (in my feeble attempt to open the braaady battery cover). Go figure. OTL.

(And damn, it costs an extra $50 on top of its promotion price last week! The prices sure change fast >_>)

Bought my $239++++++++++ dress shoes, which I initially thought was $239. *roll eyes* Now it burnt an extra $80 in my pocket. My family will "exhort" $ from me, when they learnt about this !@#$%^&* of money on shoes. *hides* Well...I do think about it for a year before buying. *wibble fingers*

Next target purchase: $739 Silver Clay workshop.

Why gals shop this much, as compared to guys?! >_< No wonder there's a movie called "Confession of a Shopaholic"

Why don't we see "Confession of a Male Geek/Otakuoholic"...
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