March 12th, 2009


Hey people! I'm back!

Oh yeeessss, I'm finally back to net-civilisation!!! My home PC went down for many weeks until now~ the monitor's cranky (it turns into a hue of pink sometimes), but I'm glad that it works more than anything else.

Which means, I can 'throw' my money into that pair of $239 heels and $248 new sparkling HP, though I still gotta fix up my laptop and pay someone to help retrieve some photos for my online shop that I'm planning to set up.

Can you imagine the agony of taking those beautiful photos for the whole day and then have the laptop go down on me? Grrr. I don't want to take those photos again. I want to retrieve them first. If all fail, then the reshooting.

Hey Kaika, did you set the TrueSpa peeps on me? lOl. Thanks, babe. ;p No sweat, I'm going this Sat XD Hope my skin's thick enuff' to resist the persistent sales tactics.

Lotsa things happened. I'm back in 1 piece from Manila. That place rocks, I tell you. It's not backwards like many people had in mind. Manila is like Orchard, and we had 1 room each in a 5-star hotel. How bad can it be right. Shopping's everywhere, though their mega departo reminds me of OG, where everything female spans across 1 level. You can get evening gowns, shoes, bags, accessories, clothes.

Well you might have noticed the "evening gowns". Filipinos are really party-goers. Their gowns are lovely and you could get a bargain at $30 for one. :D As for food, their cuisine's not my cup of tea. People are very hospitable; service's topnotch. At every cashier, they address you a 'mdm' though sometimes the accent's so thick that it can be mistaken for 'mom' (I'm not your mom...lOl)

Now coming to baptism. Whee! It's another 3 weeks~ and I haven't get my white outfit ('am banking on dress) for the occasion. I've chosen my baptism name - Isabella. You know where I get that erm*coughtwilightcough* inspiration from. :p

But really, that's a Saint's name. :) (click to read about her) Her humility is a virtue God wants us to practice; like what Jesus said: "Those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exalted."

More of others, less of self. As I progress in my faith, I realise a small change in me. Today Father talked about the Old self and New self. In the past, I'm so uptight about money that my mum would often always say she doesn't know if she can depend on me during old age because I'm very "niao" As hard as it is, I'm trying to loosen this grasp. I donated $50 to Caritas in the time of Lent recently. Now I give $2 or $5 to the church in its weekly collection. And I want to volunteer my time in the music ministry (choir) at my church after my baptism. I gradually care more about my family (Last time my mum said I care too little) Somehow I feel more whole as a person, rather than just on myself, with my new-found direction.

Perhaps God brought me to my current job in a charity because He wants to reduce my self-centredness and let me feel more acutely of life around me.

More of others, less of self. :) I love you peeps!

P.S.: I went to Kelong last weekend! Wanna show you all some photos next time. ^-^
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