Sharon (bellisharon) wrote,

Massive Kagrra CD Sale

Sale is based on first-come-first-served basis, unless otherwise indicated.
Item(s) will be shipped from Singapore to worldwide. I accept PayPal only.
Please contact me at for individual country's shipping cost, and bigger images (if required).

[LATEST UPDATE: 27 October 2016]

I'm left with:
Tribal Arivall Tour Warning!! - USD10
Yume Izuru Ichi - USD10

Indies - Released by PS Company

Tribal Arivall Tour Warning!! (RARE! OUT OF PRINT. Even Brand-X & Yuzudo Co. do not have this. Performed on 20 Aug 2001 at Osaka BIG CAT. Kagrra collaborates with Due' le quartz and Ash to bring you this piece of music) - USD$15 USD10



Sakura (RARE! OUT OF PRINT. Even Brand-X does not have this:
1st Press - 4 tracks) - USD$50 (Postcard no longer available)

Sakura (OUT OF PRINT. 2nd Press - 5 tracks) - USD$25[SOLD]

Irodori (OUT OF PRINT. Incl. card) - USD$25[SOLD]

Kirameki (OUT OF PRINT) - USD$25[SOLD]

Ouka Ranman (OUT OF PRINT. Incl. small sticker) - USD$25[SOLD]

Singles (USD$15 / CD)

Kotodama (OUT OF PRINT) - USD$15[SOLD]

Yume Izuru Chi (OUT OF PRINT) - USD$10

Sakura Mai Chiru Ano Oka De (OUT OF PRINT) - USD$15[SOLD]

Haru Urara (OUT OF PRINT) - USD$15[SOLD]

Yotogi Banashi (OUT OF PRINT. Incl. small sticker) - USD$15[SOLD]

Mainstream - Released by Columbia


San (1st Press. Limited Edition. OUT OF PRINT. My most favourite album, but I'm keeping the live DVD for memory sake as I attended it when I was in time flies!) - USD$50[SOLD]

Shizuku (1st Press. Limited Edition. Incl. Bonus DVD with music video. OUT OF PRINT) - USD$45 [SOLD]

Singles (USD$10 / CD)

Sarasouju no Komoriuta / Gen'ei no Katachi (Incl. Akiya & Isshi cards. 2 of my favourite members in one pack :D)- USD$20 (Preferably to be purchased as a set, because that's how the CDs came when I bought them)[SOLD]

(On its reverse is Gen'ei no Katachi)

Chikai no Tsuki (Incl. Akiya card. Worth it, isn't it? ;p) - USD$10[SOLD]

Bonus Gift with Purchase

1st person who made the 1st payment to me will receive these stickers as token of thanks:

Thank you for looking!

Please also visit my other LJ entries for these CDs \(^o^)/:
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