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Kagrra CDs, DVDs, Fan Club Magazines, Photos for Sale!

Please download the list:
 (PDF file, 3.5MB)

A lot of FIRST PRESS, OUT OF PRINT CDs, DVDs, RARE stuffs (video tapes, fan club magazines, photos, AUGA wrist band!) you can hardly get elsewhere...It's once in a blue moon you see this...things that hardly come by the second time! Don't miss it!

Shipping fee will be announced to individual buyers.

P.S.: friends, please help me promote if you know someone who's a Kagrra fan!

By the way, I need your feedback. Is it better to download a file like this, or post directly onto LJ as a post? I haven't cross-post to Kagrra LJ community yet, but I'm not too sure which will entice people more to look. Comments, please! Thanks!

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