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If my tears were sweet, I could make lotsa bags of sugar

How can I get the sparkle back in my life?
Everything I do doesn't seem so bright.  
Maybe I should close my heart, hang the sign "not open"
So I'll be able to get back on my feet again.

How can I undo this heart, this liking?
And you tell me you hope we are still friends
Not to be a stranger
Tell me how, after you have said and did those nice things

Your fragrance, your embrace, your words 
Am I seeing a dream?
When you said you're not yourself, too proper a nice guy
When you said you don't us possible in the future

Can my heart be truly free, after we've been through this much
Then we should have stopped with our gut feelings
You told me to believe this dream and I did
Maybe we didn't want to let go of this dream

You dislike apples, I like apples
I dislike garlic, you like garlic
You dislike outdoors, I like outdoors
I like sweet things, you dislike them

I thought we could work out our differences
Until yesterday
I wanted to hold your hand
You said you didn't want to give the wrong impression

You said if you are not happy, how can you bring me happiness?
But I was simply happy to like you
Even if it hurts me this much
Because I just want you here

My affection suffocates you and me
That we no longer feel like ourselves
What you said was right
I have not seen you smile when you're with me

I know I gotta let go
If I don't hurry, this heartbreak might stay
And I'll rewind and play the memories we had
Yet without you by my side, my heart aches

You said to call you if I'm not okay
And you will still send me home if we meet
I'm alright, I try to be strong
If I call you, I feel I'll break apart

I'm afraid I can't shut it all away and will ask you back
Then I'll not be the nice girl you have first known
I want you to be happy
So I gotta let go of myself

And in the process
I hope you are able to see my real self
I want to see what's the real you too
Because I want to see your smile again
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